Friday, November 27, 2009

Upgrade From Fedora 11 To Fedora 12.

1. First we must upgrade the rpm package:

yum update rpm

2. Then we install the latest updates:

yum -y update

3. Next we clean the yum cache:

yum clean all

4. If you notice that a new kernel got installed during yum -y update, you should reboot the system now:


5. After the reboot, log in as root again, either directly or with the help of

su -

6. Now we come to the upgrade process. We can do this with preupgrade (preupgrade will also take care of your RPMFusion packages).

Install preupgrade...

yum install preupgrade

... and call it like this:


7. The preupgrade wizard will then start on your desktop. Select Fedora 12 (Constantine). Afterwards the system is being prepared for the upgrade.

At the end, click on the Reboot Now button.

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